ROTORsoft is a computer programme that fully automatically reads time and event controlled measurements and operating data from wind turbines, solar collectors, biogas plants as well as hydroelectric power stations.

As a unique feature, ROTORsoft archives the data as a backup, and then unifies and saves them in a relational database so that the gathered data are available for evaluations throughout the entire lifetime of the power station.

As our product works independently of manufacturers, you have the option to directly compare the raw data of power stations in different locations or from different manufacturers, respectively.
Availabilities are an important point as they are a quality indicator of a power station.

In ROTORsoft you can define availabilities as you wish so you do not have to work with availability categories predefined by the manufacturers. Finally you can compare all your installations following a consistent pattern!

The ROTORsoft log is the works manager's main tool.
Here all reports are gathered and processed that are generated from the measurements of the station or from texts, e-mails, or faxes sent by the manufacturer.
Hence it is also possible to save and document all correspondence with the manufacturer.

An integrated document management system helps you to file your documents in self-defined folder structures.
Your advantage: You do not have to skim through folders and access your documents from all over the world.

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