We offer customised packages:


Purchase – in-house operation


When you decide to buy the entire ROTORsoft system, we will install the software on your own hardware so that all data will be saved on your server.

After purchasing ROTORsoft, you have access to the entire range of functions so that you can personalise the system according to your needs.
The one-time purchase price depends on the function range of the respective installation (number of power plants and modules that will be implemented).

The complete ROTORsoft system (web server, database server and communication unit) will be installed in your company.
You are fully responsible for your ROTORsoft system and you ensure that your data are stored in your company.

Purchase – Housing


If you decide to buy ROTORsoft, we offer you to add the "housing" package, so your ROTORsoft system can run in our server room.

Your system is redundantly connected to the internet via dedicated lines and available with every internet connection.
We take care of a daily data backup and automatically monitor your ROTORsoft system.
For housing we charge a monthly fee.



Our hosting system is a ROTORsoft installation that is shared by all hosting customers. We take care of extensions and maintenance!
You will be set as a main client, which grants you access to almost all ROTORsoft features.

Our hosting server is located in our company, connected via a 20 MBit dedicated line and a 10 MBit dedicated line for redundancy, which provides a high availability.
For using our hosting system we charge a monthly fee. Furthermore you bear possible communication costs.