support-toolOur support team can use the support client to look at the image on your computer screen.

You have the option to download the support client so that our team can access your computer - just start the programme and let our support team know your nine-digit ID. As soon as you quit the support client, our team has no further access to your computer.

IMPORTANT: If TeamViewer is running on your computer, you need to quit it first as both programmes cannot run simultaneously.

cloud_download_48x48 Support-Client.exe (5,8 MB, MD5 checksum 33218106abfbd7ca329e6aa396368aad) download from


screenshot_teamviewer9For remote maintenance of PCs we usually use TeamViewer.

Here you can download the TeamViewer version we use.

cloud_download_48x48 TeamViewer9_Host_Setup.exe to make computers and servers available for TeamViewer (7 MB, MD5 checksum 07dafb708653197a1ee732c318e2fed4) download from

cloud_download_48x48 TeamViewer9_Setup.exe for installation on your workstation computer to access computers with installed "TeamViewer host" (8,2 MB, MD5 checksum fc824330ef9968ea691d749283445a64) download from