Next to the standard functions, ROTORsoft also offers the opportunity to be extended with specific modules.

Please find a list of currently available modules below.

Online data
The standard ROTORsoft system receives data from the wind farms and there is no need for an installation at the wind farm.
The module "online data" allows you to receive data from your wind farm in real-time and display them in ROTORsoft.
A large number of views will be extended by online data and you will be able to react faster to any issues at the installation.

Direct marketer tool
Standard (recurring) maintenance and planned stops can be controlled in ROTORsoft. Besides, ROTORsoft of course also recognises unexpected stops.
These information need to go to the direct marketer so that you can comply to your contractual obligations.
At this point, our DSV tool will be helpful for you as it fully automatically sends a report about unexpected stops to your direct marketer via e-mail or web interface.

Telephone list
You can manually record logins and logouts so that you get a quick overview when and for how long a service team is present at your installation. If a service team does not log off after a certain amount of time, you can contact them to see if there was an accident or if the team simply forgot to log off.

In addition, you can purchase an access control device that automatically records logins and logouts with a RFID transponder and therefore spare annoying phone calls. The built-in motion detector informs you about any movements at your installations. You may also connect with security companies in this system.

Loss compensation invoice module ("EISMAN")
With this module you will be able to calculate your loss compensation using the "Spitz" method or charge the financial compensation as a lump sum. (methods legally defined in Germany)
When all necessary data (load profile, 10-minute-data, usage) are available, the bill of costs will be generated with only a few mouse clicks. Network operators can then automatically read in the bill.

Check list module
The check list module offers the opportunity to create inspection plans that meet your requirements. First, you create your plans in ROTORsoft; then you connect the checkpoints with components and then set planned inspections for the single installations. You assign these inspection plans to an outside team that can receive the check lists with an offline client and works through them.
The execution does not require an internet connection, so you will not get in trouble if there is no network coverage in the tower of the wind turbine.
After the check list has been worked through on a rugged tablet (running Windows), you can add images (e.g. via SD card) to the inspection record and send the record to the ROTORsoft system.
With only one mouse click you can create a PDF file, including the linked images, to send it to your customers.

Our allrounder PowerLimiter allows to start and stop your installation according to specified preferences.
You may grant restricted access to your direct marketer or mains supplier so that your installations can be started and stopped from outside. Our software-based solution allows the integration of other agents.
Other projects already include ice sensors, the Bundeswehr and the Deutscher Wetterdienst as agents.
Our PowerLimiter also offers the opportunity to provide a IEC 61400-25 interface at any wind farm.
This way your older installations are also well-equipped for the future by supporting the norm IEC 61400-25.