In addition to the standard functions of ROTORsoft, there is the option of extending ROTORsoft with modules.

At this point we would like to give you an excerpt of our currently available modules.

Automatic Power Curve Monitoring

With the automatic power curve monitoring, you have a powerful tool, which automatically recognizes and marks differences from the power curve in the background.

Automatic Combination of Logbook Entries

With this tool, logbook events can be combined automatically based on self-defined rules.

Checklist Module

With our checklist module you can create an inspection plan according to your wishes. First you create the plans in ROTORsoft and connect the checkpoints with components and then set up planned inspections of plants. You then assign these inspection plans to an external team, which can automatically receive and process the checklists with the "Offline Client".
No Internet connection is required for the processing, so that there is no problem if there is no connection in the tower of the plant.
After the checkpoints have been processed on a (Windows) Rugged Tablet, images can be added and linked from an SD card to the protocol and the protocol can then be sent to the ROTORsoft system.
With a mouse click, you can then generate a PDF file of the results with images that you can pass directly to your customers.


With our EISMAN module you can calculate EISMAN operations with peak and lump calculation methods according to version 2.1 and current version 3.0 of the guideline of the Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency).

Core features include:

  • Automatic import of operations from the DrehPunkt EISMAN portal
  • Automatic import of operations from installed park controllers
  • Stack-wise calculation of compensation payments with lump and peak calculation methods
  • Batch creation of billing sheets and reports
  • Test view for EISMAN operations

Accident Overview

The accident overview presents the most important information about a park, such as emergency contact data and interactive, configurable maps with, for example, rescue routes, power lines and transfer stations.

Control Station with Integrated Telephone List

The control station is a module for monitoring the current status of all plants in the entire plant fleet.

This also includes the organization of logins and logouts on entering and leaving the plants by persons. This gives you a quick overview of which plants currently have a local service team.

In addition, you can now fulfill your obligation to "monitor" the team remotely. If it does not log out within a certain time, you can call the team and see if an accident happened on the ground – or if the team just forgot to log out.

Market Value Calculation

The module makes it possible to compare the quality of a plant location in the German market with the market value. Thus, you have a function to calculate how much revenue could have been generated through the Electricity Exchange (EEX).

Mobile App

The mobile app gives you an overview of the most important data of your plants. It contains the monitoring of the logbook, the production evaluation, the availability evaluation and the map.

Online Data

The normal ROTORsoft system fetches the data from the parks, without normally requiring installation in the wind farm.
With the module "Online Data" you now have the possibility to receive data in real time from the wind farm and display it in ROTORsoft.
Many views are then augmented with the online data, giving you the ability to respond to plant issues much faster.


With the PowerLimiter you are able to stop and start your plants by certain specifications.
For example, you can give your direct marketer or grid company access to your plants so that the plants can be stopped and started externally. Our software-based solution makes it easy to integrate other actors later on.
Other projects now include ice sensors, the Bundeswehr and the German Weather Service as actors.

Our PowerLimiter also offers the possibility to provide an IEC 61400-25 interface in almost any park.
Thus, your old plants are also prepared for the future by supporting the standard IEC 61400-25 "Communication for the monitoring and control of wind power plants"!

Downtime Notification Tool

In ROTORsoft standard (recurring) maintenance and planned downtime can be managed. In addition to the planned shutdowns of plants, ROTORsoft also recognizes unplanned shutdowns.
This information must be timely sent to the direct marketers, for example, to fulfill your contractual obligations.
This is where our downtime notification tool comes in, by automatically informing various recipients via e-mail or via the web interface about downtimes and their cancellations.

Disposition List

The disposition list tabulates all processes in ROTORsoft across all portfolios. Details of processes can be viewed and edited so that a dispatch to teams is possible.

Environmental Restraints

In rare cases, you have to comply, check and prove BImSch requirements, such as bat shutdowns. With ROTORsoft, you can manage these environmental regulations on a plant-by-plant basis and also check that the environmental requirements have been met.

Contract Management Tool

Contract management is the core element of the commercial tool. It makes it possible to manage contracts and automatically generate invoices based on the stored information.