ROTORsoft is able to read data from almost every common manufacturer or controlling system for wind turbines and solar collectors.

Since 2003 we have developed a portfolio of more than 100 reading interfaces. In case the controlling system of your installation is not yet readable, we are pleased to develop a new one in order to integrate your installation in our software.

The ROTORsoft standard functions include:



The data retrieval from the installations is configurable and fully automatic. You decide on which weekday, at which time and which exact data you would like to download.


ROTORsoft is multi-client capable: You may assign different rights and access levels to different users so that you can, for example, grant limited partners or insurers restricted access to your data.





ROTORsoft is multi-lingual so that you can provide your data for international investors. ROTORsoft will be delivered in English and German language. Further languages can be included easily on demand.






More than 20 predefined reports will be delivered as standard. With the help of our report assistent, you can create your own reports, as for example a park spanning comparison or a comparison of all your installations of one specific manufacturer over a certain period of time. Moreover, we create reports that are almost 100% identical to your current management reports so that you can generate these within seconds at the touch of a button.







The integrated appointment, maintenance and service planner will remind you of upcoming events so that you will never miss an appointment or a warranty expiration again.





ROTORsoft will inform you about issues at the installation or upcoming events via text message or e-mail. An integration of your current unified messaging system (e.g. David von Tobit) is possible, as well.






You will quickly be all set to use ROTORsoft due to its neat web-based user interface. No matter from where you and your colleagues need to access ROTORsoft - there is no installation required, all you need is an internet connection. ROTORsoft runs on all common standard browsers, such as Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.






ROTORsoft systems are capable of synchronising among each other, such that operators and works managers can work with their locally installed ROTORsoft system. Invoices, reports, event documentations, and other contents will then automatically be shared among the systems.





ROTORsoft works with a SOAP interface that allows you to look at the current perfomance of your wind farm on your website. Moreover you have the option to integrate third party systems into ROTORsoft using the SOAP interface.